Easy spoken English


作者:by Paul Tagney


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn



分類:歐美文學  英文書  

Unique, original, long overdue method for everyone to learn quickly and easily how to speak conversational English, simply by talking about themselves in relation to everyday topics with a native English speaker. Grammar/grammatical analysis are not required in this natural speaking, quick progress course method.

Lessons are 3-hour immersion sessions for maximum retention/progress.

All dialogue is recorded on paper for regular review, providing accent elimination/speech perfection.

The method presented can be applied to learning other languages besides English. -

The program presented was originally written and published by the author for extended adult education classes.

His subsequent private tutoring of 100's of clients from Japan and Europe evolved the original program into what you see here.

No matter what method or program you currently use, Paul's original book will be the best addition ever to your current curriculum. Your clients' progress and satisfaction will go to another level.

Born in England, 1945, moved to Canada, 1953, wrote articles for local newspapers and university publications, co-authored 6 text books for adult-education English Conversation courses, learned French in Canada, Spanish in Mexico/Dominican Republic, Russian in Ukraine. He manages Vancouver, Canada for a world-wide language travel agency, placing international clients with his staff of +/-20 qualified private tutors.

While also hosting private clients for this language agency, Paul developed the method which he presents for us in his book. He also includes 18 highly creative and original short stories to complete the book's program for everyone's enjoyment.

  • Author’s Introduction
  • Language Assessment Questions
  • Answers for the eighteen stories
  • Basic Curriculum for Your Spoken English Lessons