Space, solar system, earth and life


作者:by Philip Bruce Heywood


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式


分類:歐美文學  英文書  

Synopsis: Four books as one pictorially explaining concepts of the origins of our universe, solar system, earth, moon, and life. This is a resource parents and teachers are calling for. Child-friendly and all ages-friendly. Tick full compliance or better with scientific standards. Tick impartation of home truths. Tick evolution but not Darwinism. Tick creationism but not bigoted Young Earthism. Tick versatility - may be presented from either a religious or non-religious viewpoint. May be employed simply as four picture books for a child's entertainment. Conversely, may be employed by parents and educators as a learning venture. Most telling: tick open enquiry -- learn more about science, nature, our purpose for existence! Do not tick: the same old same old. Science has advanced - expect surprises - and the Origins Controversy will soon be as extinct as the dinosaurs!
About the Author: Philip Bruce Heywood B.Sc.(hons, geology, U.Qld, Australia) worked for (amongst other employers) the Geological Survey of Queensland. Voluntary teaching of geology, and thus, origins science, in a classroom, was an intriguing challenge, which led ultimately to hard copy publications such as What in Creation is Going on Here?; The Tree of Life and the Origin of the Species; and on-line publications which may readily be found by searching under his full name, or under CreationTheory dot com.
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  • Contents
  • From Tiny Beginnings Space and Earth
  • From Tiny Beginnings
  • When everything was created, it was like a tiny, tiny seed.
  • Note to the Teacher/Reader
  • How the Earth was Made
  • How the Earth was Made
  • Streams like floods flowed out from novae, or collapsing stars.
  • To the Reader/Teacher.
  • Where Did the Moon Come From?
  • Where Did the Moon Come From?
  • Even though the earth came to have a sun, it did not yet have a moon. Can you imagine how dull it would be without the moon?
  • To the Reader/Teacher.
  • Life on Earth What is Life?
  • Life on Earth
  • This is a picture of a town.
  • How did living things come to be on Earth?
  • To the Reader/Teacher.